Find castors and wheels for business equipment that are high-quality, durable, easy to operate and lock!

Double castors with sheet steel housing 75, 100, 125, 150 mm with bolt hole, plate or threaded bolt - castors as double castors for operating equipment

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Why it is worth equipping your business with high-quality & low-maintenance castors for factory equipment right from the start?

Plastic double castors for factory & office equipment - Premium quality - STEINCO castors and wheels

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Castors & Wheels 3D Models for CAD Planning free 3D Models for Download - STEINCO Swivel Castors, Twin Castors, Fixed Castors, Apara Castors & Transport Castors

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What should be considered when equipping mobile workshop and factory equipment with castors and wheels in industrial and retail application?

Single castors made of sheet steel 75, 100, 125, 150 mm diameter - STEINCO Premium castors for workshop trolleys & workshop equipment - castors for constructions made of luprofil 40 x 40

What should you look out for when selecting castors and wheels especially for use in conjunction with aluminium profile systems?

single & double castors with and without brake or brakes made of metal for aluminium profile & aluminium profile 40x40