Milestones in our company history.

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  • 2020

    Market launch of the central locking Series 898/899 in 125 and 150 mm for hospital beds and medical equipment as well as 200 mm wheel diameter for stretchers, for example.

  • 2019

    The company undergoes reorganisation. The quick release couplings product segment is spun off as a separate company registered under the name STEINCOnnector GmbH.

    STEINCO Paul vom Stein GmbH concentrates on the production and distribution of castors and wheels.

  • 2017

    The modular design of the central locking system (zFS) provides plenty of configuration options and can be used – without incurring additional engineering costs – in many industries.

  • 2014

    Purchase of a new and modern 8000-qm²company headquarters in Wermelskirchen, Germany, for the expansion of production capacity and office space.

  • 2012

    Purchase of a modern assembly machine for the automated manufacture of an institutional castor series.

  • 1999

    Market launch of the aviation castor Series 825 “Airlight”. A completely new concept with lightweight, rust-proof materials for fuel savings, enhanced performance and significantly longer service life.

  • 1995

    Launch of the quick release couplings product range for use in a variety of sectors, including medical equipment, industrial applications and sewer renovation.

  • 1994

    The development of Series 550/551 is produced as the first plastic twin-wheel castor especially for medical technology. The special features of this castor series include the prize-winning enclosed layout, which is designed to satisfy the hygiene demands of the medical environment, as well as extraordinarily high strength and long service life.

    It set a new standard of mobility in medical technology, which remains the trendsetter for various developments in the castor industry to this day.

  • 1990

    STEINCO is the first castor manufacturer to produce an institutional castor (Series 800/801) made of plastic, thereby setting another exceptional trend in the castor market.

  • 1985

    Takeover of a modern plastic injection moulding operation in Dautphetal/Hessen, Germany.

  • 1971

    STEINCO is one of the first castor manufacturers in the world to develop and produce 50-mm twin-wheel castors for office chairs

  • 1948

    STEINCO becomes a specialised manufacturer of screw machine parts.

  • 1926

    Establishment of the company on 1 November 1926 as a manufacturer of nuts and bolts, with main offices in Wermelskirchen, Germany.

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